Corporate Museums’ Competition

14.06.2020 #art therapy#psychology


The corporate museums’ competition is completed!

We participated in a jury of the competition having carefully listened and evaluated more than 60 (!) participants’ speeches. The expert Irina Kiryukhina made a speech containing thoughts on the topic of the Corporate Museum Birth, and we also published a short memory on the topic of the event. You can download it here.

Brief information about the competition:

Organizer: RASO-Perm (the Perm Representation of the Russian Association for Public Relations).

All participants

Photo and video reports are presented in the Corporate Museum contest group.

Media 1
Media 2

We are grateful to the initiator of the competition, the President of RASO-Perm, Natalya Nechayeva for the unprecedented enthusiasm in building a community of enterprise museums. And we also congratulate the winners of various nominations: Anna Trepalova, Olga Kubareva, Yevgeniya Babakayeva, Andrey Andreyev, Olga Bozhedomova and all other participants.

P.S. A short afterword. The world of museums of enterprises is as diverse as the world of “classic” museums. It contains fashionable giants and very small inconspicuous projects, as well as teams and individual enthusiasts. The gap is sometimes simply incomparable. At the same time, a huge number of corporate museums are hidden from everyone, and only their employees know about them. We urge enterprises and corporations to recognize the importance of their museum as a strong communication tool and pay due attention to it! And we urge representatives of the world of culture to be open to dialogue and joint projects with this “parallel museum world”, which usually contain rather a real “museum influence” but no “real” museum specialists.

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