The “Ural Locomotives”
interactive museum and exhibition centre

The “Ural Locomotives” plant produces freight locomotives and modern passenger trains, which run in different parts of our country. The Bureau “Metaforma” developed and implemented the concept for the Interactive Museum and Exhibition Centre.

of realization
650 m2
of the center
>10 hours
of video
8 original
administration system

The main objectives of the project are creating an image of a modern and technologically advanced Russian company, developing a corporate culture and strengthening the positive image of it.

The exhibition is aimed primarily at a professional audience — factory employees and visiting specialists, as well as at a wider range of visitors — factory partners, journalists, students from universities and colleges.

Exposition plan
of the space

In general, all exhibit solutions aim to fulfil two main functions: presentational and educational. The interactive centre is primarily aimed at industry professionals, but all the information broadcast is also understandable for other groups of the target audience – media representatives and schoolchildren and students, for whom vocational guidance events are held.

We developed and implemented not only the concept of the exhibition, but also the guideline that served as the basis for the visual identity of the entire centre and the multimedia content concept.

We used a combination of interactive installations, multimedia content and graphics to demonstrate all the benefits of “Ural Locomotives” as a dynamic enterprise.

О нас
Ретроспектива основных событий истории завода на графическом таймлайне
Эффективное производство
Интерактивный макет завода, дополненный ознакомительным видео-контентом
Рассказ о структуре и истории предприятия через видео-интервью с сотрудниками
Традиции передвижения. Радость встреч
Карта России, которая демонстрирует маршруты передвижения поездов и локомотивов по стране и интерактивный «диспетчерский пульт»
Виртуальная «Ласточка»
Имитация кабины машиниста скоростного поезда, дополненная игровым VR-контентом
Презентация продукции «Уральских локомотивов» — грузовых электровозов и скоростных пассажирских поездов
Презентация продукции «Уральских локомотивов» — грузовых электровозов и скоростных пассажирских поездов
Интерактивная зона
Многофункциональное пространство для проведения мероприятий и размещения временной экспозиции
Уникальные процессы. Цифровой завод
Интерактивная инсталляция, рассказывающая о технических инновациях, которые применяют на производстве
О нас
Ретроспектива основных событий истории завода на графическом таймлайне

The tour begins in the public space, the lobby, which features, among other things, a photo area and a seating area. The first installation is also here – a graphic timeline “About Us”, which introduces the visitor to the history of the company, the milestones of its development and its prospects.

Visitors then move to the main hall. One of the key installation solutions here is an interactive mock-up that fully replicates the structure of “Ural Locomotives” two production halls and the layout of the equipment inside. Using the buttons or menu on the integrated touch panel, you can select the part of the production that will be illuminated on the layout and at the same time an introductory video will run on the screen.

The overall artistic design is based on the company’s corporate colours and “technological” design: decor in the form of welding seams, mechanical details, schematic representations of locomotives and their drawings.

For example, the “Product” installation is an interactive table on which models of all the locomotives and trains produced by Ural Locomotives are placed. With the app, a visitor can learn about the history, design and technical characteristics of each product. The table is decorated with lighting and drawings.

“Ural Locomotives” is not only about advanced technology, but also about the employees who contribute daily to the development of the company and the entire industry. Today, the plant employs 4,000 people, many of whom have been working at the plant since it was founded. In the “People” zone, you can see their personal pages and video interviews about their journey within the company, which will reveal a more ‘personal’ line of narrative within the exhibition.

Another installation important in terms of personal stories is “Traditions of the Movement”. It is an interactive map of the country on which the locations of trains and locomotives are projected. This is how the exhibition demonstrates the spread and importance of rail transport and the vast number of trips and joyful encounters of loved ones made possible by it. The content on the map is triggered by a “dispatcher desk”.

Project Guideline
of original content
Original applications with an administration system have been developed for the exhibition, so that future content can be easily edited and supplemented in the future.
Efficient production
The app is synchronised with the plant layout. The visitor can select a production stage either on the touch panel or via buttons on the table, after which the corresponding part of the workshop is highlighted on the layout and accompanying content is launched to explain the processes that take place there.
The app contains presentation content for each “Ural Locomotives” product - technical specifications, benefits, history, photo and video material, as well as 3D models.
The app shows visitors the corporate structure of the company and its employees. From the menu, you can use the search function, or search for the person's personal page in the relevant category. The page contains career path, quotes, photos and video interviews of the employee.
The app simulates the operation of the “Ural Locomotives” monitoring centre software. You can use it to visualise how plant dispatchers monitor the planned maintenance of each product and its location and get to know the supplier system.

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